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Enterprise introduction:

   Hubei broad metallurgical rolling Co., Ltd. is the representative of Huangshi die steel, located in the cradle of steel - Daye City, the industrial park, is a professional production of mold steel enterprises.

  The company relies on Huangshi heavy industry "cradle" advantage, refining, forging, rolling set, integration, using intermediate frequency electric furnace and vacuum degassing, electroslag remelting, forging, rolling technology and perfect detection means, the production of hundreds of varieties of different specifications, products are cold, hot, plastic mold steel and steel

The reason for choosing a broad steel mill:

Thank you for all the friends of the steel mills of the trust, welcome to visit and order:

1 quality international mold steel quality, so you and your customers more love!

2 international first-class production line to meet the different needs of different personalized world

3 perfect after-sales service so that the transaction without any worries!

4 to guarantee the delivery time commitment, we will stick to the responsibility!

Contact Us
Feng Jie (General Manager)
86  13971756832
Manager: Mr FANG
86  18772262602
Asahi Manager: MR  Mei
86  13995982534

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